Experience is key

With more than 28 years’ experience, Flemming Keldebaek knows his craft. He has made many different products, from kitchen interiors to custom furniture. Now he dedicates his time to designing and crafting handmade lamps.

Highest Dedication
to Craftmanship

Flemming Keldebaek dedicates his time and his craft to lamps to bring you a quality product while designing new and exciting lighting design.

Originally a cabinetmaker by trade but through courses and general experience in machine joinery work, Flemming has made prototypes, developed products, and made furniture and fixtures.


My collection of handmade lamps are ready to be made. Please contact me, if you want to know more about pricing and delivery.

— Flemming Keldebaek

Member of The Danish Cabinetmakers Association

Flemming has been a member of the Danish Cabinetmakers Association (Møbelsnedkerforeningen) for 25 years. Through his time as a member, he has participated in various exhibitions.


Partnership is a cabinet for storing bottles of wine from the cellar that you are considering drinking in the near future. It contains some secret compartments. The cabinet was made in a kind of partnership with Arne Mainkvist’s cabinet for glasses – hence the name. Partnership is a cabinet made in association with The Cabinetmakers Associations 10 years jubilee exhibition.

3D labyrinth

The cube consists of 9 different levels. Each level contains obstacles, which must be overcome before the ball can pass to the next level. The ball is put into the hole on the top of the cube. The guest must then turn and move the cube to make the ball drop to the next level. The object of the cube is to make the ball pass through all the levels, as fast as possible, until the ball rests at the magnet at the end of the maze.


Belongings is a box for storing precious objects. Designed as part of the exhibition “My Precious” where the joiners were tasked with creating storage for their most precious belonging. Henning Koppel’s fish serving dish, designed for Georg Jensen with its organically shaped curves has inspired him. Basically, Flemming Keldebaek has creative interests and likes to play with materials.

The Shop

A collection of original lamps, designed and produced by the Danish cabinetmaker Flemming Keldebaek.


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